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Founded in 2010 by Courtney Disposti, 2nd Mouse Media, LLC is an online media services company based in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

2nd Mouse Media provides online presence development, optimization, and management services for small to medium sized businesses across the United States.

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Courtney Disposti

Founder & Owner

Courtney Disposti Founder 2nd Mouse Media LLC.

With more than a decade of online media management experience, Courtney works directly with small business owners to plan, create, & implement effective online communications strategies. While Courtney works with owners of all types of businesses, her lifelong involvement in equestrian sport allows her to understand the specific needs of those in the equestrian industry.

To learn more about Courtney, visit her Bio website.

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In addition to providing client services, Courtney manages two in-house projects.


HipHendo is an online community focused on the uniqueness of Hendersonville and Henderson County, North Carolina.

HipHendo HipHendo Community

When Do I Go?

When Do I Go? is a predictive program that produces daily time estimates for equestrian events.

When Do I Go