The Web is Growing and Changing Everyday...

Is Your Business Keeping Up?

2nd Mouse Media helps small business owners develop and maintain a strong web presence for their business.

One size fits all does not apply; your web presence management plan needs to be customized to your business goals.

A well built website, complete social media profiles, understanding analytics reports - all of these are crucial in making the most of your web presence.

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The best web presence management plan

is the one that is designed specifically for YOUR business



2nd Mouse Media is built on the principle that small business owners could use a little help managing the online presence of their business. By staying current with the latest technologies, 2nd Mouse Media creates well crafted web presences for small businesses.

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Do you need a website and not sure where to begin? Have you have built a website on a free website builder and are not satisfied? Are you unsure on how to set up a Facebook Business Page? A Twitter Company Page? 2nd Mouse Media can help.

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Every web design project or social media strategy is different. View our Portfolio to view examples of the styles of websites and the types of social media profiles 2nd Mouse Media can create for your small business.

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